What if someone could look into a mirror and instead of seeing a reversed reflection of oneself they saw a metaphor of who they are, have been or strive to be?  As an artist, I find inspiration in memories of self, personal identity and aspirations of a truly aligned spiritual being.  Allowing my intuition to guide my art-making process establishes a dialogue with my higher consciousness and reveals stories in visual form that act like a mirror to my personal life experiences. 


close up #2.jpg

Mixed Media Artwork

Tonka Beans Studio original artwork begins with an image. From that image a story is created by first using Photoshop to manipulate photos which are then printed onto aluminum panels, painted on with alcohol inks and acrylic paint and finally coated with an epoxy resin. The final product has a hard, glass-like surface, vibrant colors and can be hung on a wall unframed floating off the wall 1/2" for a strikingly contemporary presentation.


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