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Venus Goes Retrograde.

8 x 10 for web LIBRA.jpg

“So that’s the dissenter’s hope: that they are writing not for today but for tomorrow.”

~Ruth Bader Ginsburg

October 5, 2018

Today the scales tipped.

Today the planet Venus turned retrograde in the sky.

Today feels significant.

Often I look to astrology to help understand situations that present themselves as difficult, perplexing, or unexpected. In sharing this piece of artwork with you today I’ll reveal a bit about my personal symbolism and how, today, it’s striking me at the core.

I was born on a tiny island, called Kwajalein, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At the moment of my birth, the constellation Libra was rising on the eastern horizon. Libra is represented by the scales. It is Justice and the Law. It strives for balance and harmony. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and thus has associations with the Divine Feminine, beauty, the arts, love and all things of value. As a sagittarius with libra rising, I feel the movements of Venus in our sky in very deep and spiritual ways. Today, around lunchtime, Venus went retrograde and will now travel backwards in the sky. The scales have tipped out of favor with the Divine Feminine. She cannot move forward but instead must face her own pain and the parts of herself that feel unloved, disregarded and devalued. A retrograde motion is a journey into the underworld. The fires there will burn hot and the blisters will fester. Yet it is important to remember that just as the snake sheds it’s skin, and the phoenix rises above the flames, the Divine Feminine will be reborn anew with a more fertile consciousness. No one stays in the underworld forever. We all die, then decompose and then born again in a new form. I am libra rising and I am journeying into that underworld.

It is important for me to stand up for my beliefs whether popular or not. When I was in high school I remember seeing a poster in my history classroom with a poem on it. I don’t recall if it was the original translation of Friedrich Niemöller’s, “First They Came….,” or a more modern rendition of it, (this poem has been made into several renditions over the decades), but the meaning is the same. The message is to stand up for injustice wherever and whenever you bare witness to it even if that injustice does not directly infringe on your own rights.

The political climate this past week has been INTENSE for lack of a better word. The divisions within our country our penetrating deeper and deeper. I have a lot of fire in me and tend to jump into the fray because…what can I say?…I’m a little bit scrappy too. I try to be diplomatic, yet firm in my standpoint and sometimes finding grace through it all is somewhat splintered. And on this day, hand in hand with my sisters, we will descend into the underworld and face our demons but in ours hearts we will never forget the name of a new heroine. Her name is Christine Blasey Ford.