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Quantum Doppelgänger

8 x 10 for web doppel g.jpg

“The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

~Stephen Hawking

Years ago when my son was just a little tot, I watched a documentary film about quantum mechanics that completely changed the way I view reality.  There was one experiment in particular that baffled scientists and opened the doorway into the study of quantum events.  In short, the double slit experiment showed that electrons, tiny bits of matter, behave like waves of energy when not being observed.  The simple act of observing the movement of the electrons made them behave like tiny bits of matter and not like waves of energy with infinite possibilities.  Just by observing, the electrons collapsed into a single reality.  This very strange phenomenon has lead to the theory of parallel universes and how some now believe that rather than human life existing in a universe, we actually exist in a multiverse.  I am the observer of my own life, collapsed into a single reality of matter.  If unobserved, does this mean there’s an infinite number of realities that I exist in at the same time?  Some say ‘yes’ although it’s still just a theory.

 Needless to say, that documentary sent me down the rabbit hole asking so many questions and seeking a deeper understanding.  During a late night internet search, I came across a guy who claimed to be able to travel to quantum realms and meet his quantum doppelgängers, who are essentially his own self but in a different dimension.  Crazy wacko stuff, I know, but supposedly this guy was able to download information from his quantum doppelgängers and return to a state of consciousness in this current reality and was thereafter proficient in skills he previously had no proficiencies in.  The process included lots of meditation and specific exercises, which honestly as a young mom of a toddler and working three different jobs and an already overactive mind and a complete busy body, I never took the time to practice what this guy preached.  I still struggle with meditation today but I digress….

 Who knows what the truth is?  But there is something comforting at the thought that this reality I’m living in isn’t the only reality and if there’s infinite possibilities of existence, than any version of myself that I can image there’s a sliver of hope that that version of myself is out there.  The image I’m sharing today with this blog entry is just one of my quantum doppelgängers.  She’s a strong and wise yogini guided by intuition, lives in harmony with the natural world and feels most a peace in the forest.  If I could download one skill from her it would be the focused discipline to have the self-control to achieve strength and balance in my physical body through the practice of yoga.  In the meantime, it’s on the bucket list and until the time is ripe for it I’ll just stick to my quick ten-minute stretch sessions squeezed in here and there when I choose to prioritize the time for it.  The current day-to-day reality often feels more like a fish swimming upstream.  Juggling multiple jobs while being a single parent and starting a new art business leaves little time and energy for developing a yoga practice yet I still like to remind myself that I am made of stardust and am destined to sparkle and shine as bright as I can.  I will do my best to be the best version of myself that I know how.