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Intuitive Messages

Shell Painting.jpg

“What lies in front of you and what lies behind you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of my favorite math teachers in high school, Mr. Barbella, is the man I credit with introducing me to sacred geometry.  He introduced the whole class to it in a Walt Disney animation called “Donald in Mathmagic Land.”  The story follows Donald Duck on a safari-like adventure through the unusual landscape known as Mathmagic Land.  It’s a place where the tree’s roots are squared and rivers are streams of numbers.  The Spirit of Adventure guides Donald along, teaching him the history and relevance of math.  Beginning in ancient Greece, Donald meets Pythagoras and his cohorts who are credited with using math to develop our modern day music scale.  The Pythagorians, as they were known, met in secret and their secret emblem was the pentagram.  The pentagram was not randomly chosen but rather purposely selected because of the mathematical beauty that exists within its design.  This is when Donald goes down the rabbit hole of the golden ratio and witnesses its presence all around us in nature.  Whether in the shape of a petunia, the spirals of a pinecone or the cross sections of seashell, the same geometric proportions can be repeated infinitely in the pentagram.

 From a young age I felt a strong spiritual connection to the natural world.  Hikes and camping out in the forest were always a special treat.  The calm and peace that I felt amongst the trees was like a medicine to me.  After learning about the golden ratio, I felt certain that the language of math was the language of God and the natural world was a reflection of God herself.  And we as humans are also designed with golden proportions.  Perhaps if we look within, we’ll find our own reflection of God.

“Intuitive Messages,” the painting above, is my reminder to look within and allow my own inner Goddess to guide me.  AND WOW!....she has a lot to say!  The messages coming through are guiding me back to the wilderness.  The call is so strong, I think about it everyday.  It won’t happen in a year and probably not within two or even three, (my son is still in school), but I now have a fire burning in me to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail from Willamette Pass in Oregon to the US/Canadian border.  I want total emersion into a spiritual journey and this is how I’m being guided to do so.  In the meantime, I have a lot of money I need to save to invest in the right gear, research the trail and take a basic navigation workshop, and train to build my endurance.  When I hear the call, I choose to answer.