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Life is an Artform


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

~ William James

Last weekend I vended at my first festival.  It was not a large festival and turnout was much less than was anticipated and my sales were likewise minimal.  It can be frustrating to have a low sales day after factoring in all the time and energy that goes into a full day of vending.  There’s of course the commute, set up and break down, and all the energy spent engaging with people or just passing the time.  Yet, despite the slow trickle of traffic to my booth there was something magical in the air.  The connections I made with the people I met that day were truly heartwarming.  There was a lot of sharing stories…personal stories.  This is why I create art!  I’ve always been a visual person and am learning that I’m also a bit of a storyteller too.  Each piece of art I create is a mirror of my own life experiences and what I really love is when my art can be a mirror for someone else.  I know my story, but it’s a real gift when I get to hear someone else’s story.  So for this month’s blog I’m sharing a small piece of a story from a female traveler I met at the festival who identified with several of my art pieces.  We conversed for quite some time and the honor was all mine.

 I call this painting, “Sacred Practice” as it depicts two people doing acroyoga with a backdrop created from the ancient flower of life design.  The woman I met, who I’ll call Jaz, use to practice acroyoga with her sister when they were younger.  She was the base and her sister the flyer.  If you’ve ever watched acroyoga, the flyer gets most of the attention.  They’re the ones doing the flips and spins, holding elegant poses and take on a fair bit of the risk of injury if a move doesn’t land right.  However, the base is working just as hard.  It takes a lot of strength and focus to support and maneuver another body above you.  When Jaz’s sister went through a long, fifty plus hours long, and difficult labor, Jaz was there for every hour of it.  This was her sister, one of the closest and most dear persons in her life.  She was there for her helping her navigate through one of the most extraordinary events in human life.  She was her rock.  Her support and she told her sister that she had been training for this moment her whole life.  Afterall, she was her sister’s base.  I loved this story so much! 

 So if any of you reading this see your own story in my art, please don’t be shy to share.  It means so much to me know how my art touches you.  Thanks for reading and following along.  Cheers!